• Supporting Remote Learning

    Hudson City Schools' mission is to promote excellence in education. We believe that 21st Century instruction is necessary for 21st Century learning. Providing students with an environment that fosters and encourages this belief is part of our core values.  Schools must challenge students with rigorous, personalized academic experiences, foster innovation and creativity, and embrace emerging technologies.

    Hudson takes its responsibility to filter web content seriously.  Federal law requires that filtering is in place to protect students from content that might be harmful.  We enforce web filtering on student devices, whether or not those devices are on our campus.

    When students engage in Zoom remote video conferencing, which is facilitated by their teachers, safety, privacy, and security are at the forefront. Students do not log in to Zoom and do not have established accounts. Hudson City Schools' licenses a Zoom Pro account, so features and settings that keep students safe are turned on by default. Teachers are scheduling Zoom meetings through Google Classroom or a direct email link, adding another layer of protection.  Zoom sessions are never publicly posted. In addition, Zoom sessions are password-protected. Read more about Zoom for K-12 Schools Privacy Policy. 

    Designing systems that provide meaningful engagement in the learning process through remote learning enables the Hudson School District to ensure student learning is continuous and ongoing outside of the four walls of a classroom.