Renovating East Woods & McDowell

  • Maximizing the available space in both East Woods and McDowell, renovating the building interiors, and adding classrooms and kitchen space to East Woods will allow our District to educate approximately 1,100 third, fourth and fifth graders at East Woods. McDowell will be appropriately renovated for nearly 450 Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students. New traffic patterns for parking will separate car and bus traffic. Walk and bike paths will provide safe routes for students who need to transverse the campus to the Middle School. Both East Woods and McDowell will be air conditioned.

    Traffic and parking for East Woods and McDowell are significantly improved in the central campus plan. The new plan separates bus and car traffic and provides for more onsite car pick-up and drop-off to help reduce street parking on North Hayden Parkway during peak traffic times. Strategic gating will be used to eliminate cut-through traffic.