• The Pool and Diving Well areas remain the original size.

    Renovations include the following:

    • The Natatorium has been fully renovated with new paint, lighting, additional windows for natural light, new acoustical system, new swim blocks, timers, and scoreboard, and renovated girls and boys varsity locker rooms. The 2,170 square foot addition includes a 160-seat spectator bleacher section.
    • The new sand filtration system filters the 270,000 gallons of water in the pool 1.5 times every eight hours, and will only need to be cleaned every six weeks.
    • The new HVAC system enables the pool area to remain comfortable for competitive and recreational swimming at 80 degrees and 50% humidity.
    • New fresh air and exhaust systems remove the chloramines off-gassed during the disinfecting of the pool.
    • The pool temperatures are maintained at 78-degrees for competitive swimming and 80-degrees for recreational swimming.
    • The new HVAC system limits the evaporation of the pool water, which reduces operational expenses for replacing the pool water and additional pool disinfectants. This also helps protect the deterioration of the building’s structural components.
    • The new UV system provides an additional form of sanitation by destroying chlorine-resistant microbes and other unwanted contaminants while reducing chemical use.

    Total Cost of Renovations and Addition $3.2 million

    Hudson Community Education and Recreation, contribution $500,000

    Scoreboard: Donated by the HEAT swim program

    Architects: Hasenstaub Architects, Inc.
    General Contractor: Engelke Construction Solutions, LLC

About the Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium

  • The Ada Cooper Miller Natatorium opened in November 1979. At that time, the Board of Education named the facility in honor of Ada Cooper Miller who was a member of the Board of Education for forty years and served as its president for 20 years. As noted by William Pletzer, then superintendent of schools, “Ada has provided the highest level of leadership, trust, dedication, and constant enthusiasm for Hudson’s students, schools, and community.”

    The facility was designed as a teaching station for physical education learn-to-swim programs, as a public swim facility, and as a training facility for competitive swimming, diving, and interscholastic swim meets. This vision remains today!

    The original pool with attached diving well:

    Area of Natatorium 14,750 square feet
    Water Area 4,750 square feet
    Water Capacity 270,000 gallons
    Length of Pool 25 meters
    Width of Pool 45 feet
    Depth of Pool 3.5 feet to 5.5 feet
    Diving Well  30 feet X 35 feet
    Cost of Construction $995, 069