• Welcome to Automotive Technology, a program for those interested in exploring the transportation industry and the career pathways within. Many great things are taking place this 2021-22 school year. For starters, we have moved to a new location! 4050 State Rd will now be home to the auto tech program and the brilliant young minds of the six-district compact. 

    The automotive program is designed to introduce students to all there is to know about passenger vehicle operation and repair. Let's call it, everything between the bumpers! We also focus on 21st century business and soft skills, like preparing a resume, filling out a job application, and interviewing. Students can take part in classes such as a maintenance course, engine building, and brakes/steering/suspension. College Credit Plus opportunities are available to students as well. Students may also find themselves interested in joining automotive clubs like SkillsUSA. For more info on what SkillsUSA is all about, click Here

    Automotive Technology is a program for both boys and girls of all skill levels and abilities. Don't be intimidated if you don't know anything, that's why this program is here! There is a vast array of job opportunities in the transportation industry. Think about this, how many cars do you see parked in a driveway and out on the road? How many big trucks are transporting goods every day? Who designs this stuff? Who fixes it? Who trains people how to fix it? The point is, the transportation industry is a critical piece of of the puzzle and is evolving every day. Take a look at some other job pathways that could stem from knowing a thing or two about automobiles:

    • Assembly Line Worker
    • Parts and Sales Consultant
    • Military Vehicle Technician
    • Technical Support Specialist
    • Content Creation (books and digital media)
    • Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Technician
    • Trainer/Educator
    • Repair Facility Owner/Manager
    • Automotive Journalism & Photography
    • Research, Development, & Engineering
    • Tool and Equipment Manufacture & Repair

                           ...just to name a few


    The automotive program uses a broad base of industry support. Utilizing time, talent, and suggestions of those professionals immersed in the transportation industry, the students stand to gain an advantage moving into an exciting career.


                     The teacher always says: if you have a skill that nobody else has, you'll always be in high demand!

                  To learn more about the program, talk to your school counselor, reach out to the instructor, or click Here to view the six-district course catalog (page 28,29)