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  • Español 1 / Spanish 1


    I am so excited to have each and every one of you in class. This year we will be embarking on your Spanish language journey together in Spanish level 1! Throughout the school year we will be working together to learn and utilize our Spanish language skills through engaging activities. These activities will work with the three modes of communication; interpersonal (speaking), presentational (writing/presenting projects), and interpretive (reading). These three modes of communication are key components to a language learner's success, which is why we will be looking at culturally authentic materials to support each mode. We will partake in group activities, individual activities and lots of fun and challenging games. I look forward to getting to know both parents and students throughout this school year, and making many memories together. My goal is to give support to each student with whatever needs they may have, so I encourage everyone to contact me with any questions or concerns.