Dtn Tampa, FL

  • Welcome to Business/Financial Literacy here at Hudson High School.  The motto that every student will embody is to "Be A Business".  This slogan encompasses every aspect of a successful business; passionate, professional, adaptive, tenacious, and empowering; all while making a positive impact on society.  This course is designed to equip students with a strong foundation of financial literacy, and ethical corporate standards that will add value to any of today's careers.  This course focuses on a wide array of topics related to business including banking, budgeting, taxation, credit, investing, insurance, marketing/sales, negotiations, and entrepreneurship.  Students will be engaging in real world activities, as they navigate through case studies and network with guest speakers.  Also, group projects will assist in the interpretation of financial documents that will help them make strong investment/operating decisions. Students will learn how to communicate in the business world, while they critically think and solve real-world problems.  But wait...there's more!  This course also meets the new State of Ohio "Financial Literacy" graduation requirement that was just recently passed into law by the State Senate.  Now, let's get DOWN TO BUSINESS and make this an awesome year together.