•      Welcome to Middle School Music Electives and 4th Grade General Music.   I teach 5 different classes at the 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.  

                            4th Grade General Music                       
                            1.  The fundamentals of music
                            2.  Correct singing techniques and part singing
                            3.  Music from other cultures
                            4.  The music of Ohio which is based on the 4th grade social studies curriculum
                            5.  The music of the United States 
                            6.  Creative movement
                            7.  Xylophone techniques
                            8.  Concert etiquette 
                            Musical Explorations - 6th Grade
                            1.  The fundamentals of music.
                            2.  How music, art, architecture, decor, and fashion change throughout history.
                            3.  Music from other cultures.
                            4.  Team related subjects.
                            5.  The language of music.  
                            6.  Creative movement.  
                            7.  Composing original songs.
                            8.  Concert etiquette.
                            Give My Regards to Broadway - 7th Grade
                            1.  The history of the American Musical Theater
                            2.  The audition
                            3.  The various jobs on Broadway
                            4.  Acting exercises and the acting of scenes
                            5.  The creation of original shows throughout various periods of the American Musical Theater
                            6.  The song repertoire of various periods of the American Musical theater
                            7.  The history of Playhouse Square
                            8.  Dance in the various periods of the American Musical theater.
                           The Voice - 6th, 7th, 8th
                           1.  The anatomy of the larynx and other parts of the body that contribute to vocal production
                           2.  Vocal Health including the prevention of various vocal injuries
                           3.  Correct singing technique and diction done both individually with each student and in a group setting.
                           4.  Voice types
                           5.  Solo singing in front of the class in a variety of genres
                           6.  Managing performance anxiety.
                           7.  The study of opera
                           8.  The creation of an original opera
                           9.  The audition
                          10.  Singing in a variety of languages
                           Ragtime to Rock - 8th Grade 
                            1.  An exploration of American popular music from the American Revolution to today.
                            2.  A study of various popular music techniques including syncopation, the Big Four, swing, scat singing, etc.
                            3.  The dance of each period of popular music
                            4.  The history of our country that changed the popular music of each period.  
                            5.  The composition of music in various periods of popular music
                            6.  The leading composers and performers of each period of popular music.
                            7.  Performances in front of the class of music from various periods of music.     
          The objective of all music classes is to prepare the student to have a broad range of musical knowledge to use throughout his/her lifetime.  As an adult we often attend musical events such as the orchestra, opera, etc.  My goal is to give each student  the tools to appreciate and/or participate in the many aspects of the musical world.  All classes are based on the 2012 Ohio Musical Standards.