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Mrs. Lutkus

In 2001, I began teaching at Hudson Middle School.  For 10 years, I collaborated with 6th grade teachers in Language Arts primarily and other content areas infrequently.  In 2010, I began my teaching assignment in 8th grade in Enriched Language Arts.  Students in ELA have been selected for participation due to scores they have achieved on the In-View Tera Nova tests they have taken throughout their educational career, in Hudson or in other school districts if they are new to Hudson. Eighth grade is an exciting and interesting time for young adolescents as they navigate moving from an elementary student to a soon-to-be high schooler.  
Expectations are high and a strong work ethic is encouraged to help students accomplish the goals set for them for their 8th grade year.  Content in ELA is not substantially different than content in regular LA, although the pace is quicker, more in-depth work is required, and students are pushed to use higher level thinking skills and critical thinking skills in their class activities.  Homework is a regular occurrence with an assignment due almost every day. 
This year I am again teaching sixth grade ELA, so I am working with students in the grade where I began my Hudson Middle School teaching career.  Sixth grade begins the middle school journey and sets the tone for the middle school years at HMS.  This year will be another fun, learning year for me as I work with both sixth graders and eighth graders. 
I am looking forward to an exciting, productive, and rewarding 2018-20189year at Hudson Middle School. 

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