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    Hudson High School English Department Mission Statement
       The power of language unlocks potential--the potential for wiser, more prosperous living and the potential for a wiser, more just world. The power of language opens the door to living the examined life, to reaping the benefits of a powerful intellectual self, of a sophisticated moral self, of a purposeful spiritual self, and of an enlightened democratic self.  It informs us, soothes us, reaffirms us, and challenges us.  Language and the life-long process of harnessing its power move us forward.
       It is our mission to help our students master the sophisticated skills that will allow them to use the power of language to improved their lives and the lives of others around them.  It is our mission to inspire our students to use the power of language as a medium for community and civic action--to serve.  It is our mission as a department, to invite our students to share the power of language and to accept the responsibility that comes with that power.