Established in 1968, the Hudson City Schools' VIP Program grew out of the knowledge that volunteers play a vital role in improving school programs. Since that time, the Hudson VIP Program has grown to be one of the best and most widely recognized programs in the State. Through this program, parents and community members participate in many educational activities that provide student with direct hands-on learning such as tutoring; reading aloud; helping with fine arts, drama, and creative writing lessons; language arts, drama, and creative writing lessons. Additionally, volunteers provide services and assist staff in our media centers, school offices and district offices. VIPs assist with chaperoning; conducting school tours; servicing as lunch parents; and binding thousands of books written and illustrated by student in Kindergarten through third grade. Also, VIPs serve as guest speakers by sharing job information, foreign cultures and travel experiences. VIPs provide over 40,000 volunteer hours annually!
    For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact VIP Coordinators Laura Jones at joneslau@windstream.net or Beth Killeen at killeenb@hudson.edu.
    To volunteer at your child's building, please use the sign-up forms on the left. 
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