• Hudson High School's Bookstore is temporarily not staffed--check back later for update (8.20.19)...
    Hudson High School has its own bookstore where students may purchase workbooks, Advanced Placement Workbooks, foreign language workbooks, orchestra books, chemistry aprons, periodic tables, art and photography supplies, paperback novels, physical education uniforms, locks, and other essentials such as pencils, pens, notebooks, and science goggles. The store is open every weekday during the lunch hours. Volunteers from the community provide assistance during the first days of the school year when a majority of student purchases are made.
    Bookstore Hours:
    Monday and Friday: 10:50-1:10
    Tuesday: 11:10 - 1:20
    Wednesday and  Thursday: 11:13 - 1:25

    Phone: 330-653-1416 ext. 7419
    Fax: 330-653-1481