• Welcome to my web page! It is a joy for me to teach math and inquiry science and social studies at East Woods and team with Jennie Antes and Robin Kippley. We teach the core subjects in addition to a handful of expert unified arts teachers that instruct our team to provide a well rounded educational experience.
    After a career in the business sector, I started my second career earning a Master's Degree in Education (1-8) from John Carroll University in 2002. Since then, I've added fifty graduate hours in math, science and education to keep abreast of new techniques and strategies. Teaching has turned out to be what my family has called my "magnificent obsession". Hudson is my family's hometown and my husband Mike and I raised our children here, who are both members of the school district's "thirteen year club". I've been a resident, taxpayer, parent, volunteer, aide, substitute teacher, and teacher, all in 44236. 
    I delight in building relationships with my students and personalizing their learning experience as much as I can. It's my goal is to engage students using a variety of lessons to make their learning relevant both now and in the years to come. My hope is that the concepts we investigate and study leave them curious to learn more. This year our 4th graders will be involved in the Bloodhound project, a project based learning experience that will find them researching and designing rocket cars, using Blocks CAD software and 3D printing, working with fifth graders and high school physics students as they design their cars which will cross the finish line on race day at the Memorial Stadium. Our team is invested in conducting STEAM experiments, taking part in community service projects and learning about careers from a firsthand perspective as parents and other community members share with us their expertise.