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Mrs. Lukehart

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 I have attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Kent State University in Kent, OH, Ashland University in Ashland,  OH, and The University of Akron.

I have a Bachelor's degree from Kent State University in Elementary Education, and a Master's degree from Ashland University in Curriculum and Instruction. I am one class away from an Associates in religion from LibertyUniversity. Beyond that I have classes from various universities to stay abreast as things continue to change in education. I have an additional 45 hours of graduate work covering everything from technology, reading process, and social emotional issues. I have met with a group from East Woods the past few summers to have a book club on current topics. In addition the school district provides many professional days throughout the year to help keep us on target. I gained my National Board Certification from the United States National Board Committee and received the Governor's Award for this in 2000. It was quite an honor. It has been an honor to have been a part of Hudson City Schools.
I am an avid reader, writer, and enjoy playing board games that make you think. I enjoy television that involves mystery or has a puzzle to solve. Critical thinking even in this area of technology is enjoyable! I have a rescue dog I love to play with (his name is Oliver). We retrieved him from the pound, so we think he is half dachshound and beagle. I enjoy taking short trips with my family. I have four children Molly, Maddie, Caroline,and Jack. After looking all over the place, including out of state, I have two in college right here in Kent. One is in Nursing, and one is a History/Arts major towards a career as a museum curator. My oldest is in the work force and my "baby" just graduated from Aurora High School with honors. 

I have always taught fourth grade in Hudson.

So, I have taught fourth grade, been in fourth grade, and been a parent of a fourth grader 4 times! My entire family is very involved in our church. My husband and I work as Youth Leaders and teach a class of 1-6 graders. We keep a pretty busy schedule, and our kids enjoy helping out. Once a week we help clean the church and cut grass and pull weeds. We have helped pack up bread for the homeless and a Senior center in Maple Heights for several years.  Giving and responsibility are important traits that we try to encourage in our children. Leadership comes through teamwork, putting others first, and organizing a task. I try to encourage theses same traits in my classroom. 
My classroom reflects high expectations and a strong desire to have the children become responsible. The Leader in Me by Franklin Covey is a part of East Woods and the school district's ideal. We aim to build not only children who are not only very good students, but responsible active leaders. Studies show that fourth and fifth grade are the years that study skills are established. Please know that though we may have "fun" projects as a team that I am very structured in the class. Some have said they heard I am very strict. I do believe structured days and me expecting the very best from your children are goals that help students learn, if that is strict, I guess I am. However, I like to laugh, I enjoy finding ways to make learning interesting and challenging, and I am always up for something new. We are going into our third year working on a Problem Based Learning project called Bloodhound that ties in science, math, language arts and some social studies. We work closely with a team from England who have a car trying to go 1100 miles an hour. They have already broken the sound barrier. We are the only district in the United States to be working with this team who engages students from all over the U.K., Europe, And China. It has been such an exciting experience and I feel thrilled to have gone in on the ground floor as one of only 9 fourth/fifth grade teachers.We will be building cars! 
We are not the primary building any longer and though those years are wonderful, we are growing up!! My classroom  is In the far ( and I mean far) back hallway. Room 134. It is a large doom, so I anticipate many new activities! 
  I look forward to working with you to have a year of growth both in their academic lives, but in their personal lives, and the way they see themselves. I hope we can be a team cheering your child on in the right direction!