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       This week in Mrs. Rourke's class...
    This week we are wrapping up group debates.  The students have been hard at work conducting research, organizing notes, creating a slide show, and preparing for their debates.  Soon, students will choose a controverial topic of their own and research the two sides of the argument.  They will then write an argumentative essay on their findings.
    Next week is spirit week here at East Woods!
    Monday: Sports/Jersey Day  
    Tuesday: Twin Day 
    Wednesday: Hat Day  
    Thursday: Beach Day 
    Friday: Hudson Wear 
    Below are the dates for our YouLead sessions, as well as the topic being discussed.

    YouLead Diversity Sessions

     2/23, 3/2, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 4/6   2:25-3:25

    Session 1: Description of Diversity 101:

    Students learn the meaning of the terms: diversity, culture, identity, and inclusion, and examine the impact of assumptions based on appearance.

    Session 2: Description of Race and Ethnicity Session:

    Students will engage in project-based activities during this program. They will first learn the difference between race and ethnicity and be given time to ask questions and learn more about their peers through an interactive activity. This program also looks at how racial discrimination and stereotypes appear in our communities.

    Session 3: Description of the Anti-Bullying Session (Part 1):

    In this lesson, students learn basic bullying vocabulary including bully, target, bystander, and upstander. Media clips used in the lesson present students with a number of bullying situations, giving them the chance to change the bystander in the story into an upstander.

    Session 4: Description of the Anti-Bullying Session (Part 2):

    In this lesson, students expand on the concepts learned in part one. Students in grades 3-5 brainstorm campaign ideas and carry out an anti-bullying campaign to encourage change in their school community.

    Session 5: Description of the Conflict Resolution Session

    Through activities that focus on identifying and working through conflict systematically, this program will give students the tools they need to address conflict in their own lives, with those around them, and begin to identify larger conflicts in their communities and beyond.

    Session 6: Description of : #Rethink Beauty: Self-esteem

    Students learn to use positive affirmations in order to build self-esteem in themselves and others. In this lesson, students learn the definition of self-esteem, body image, and self-talk.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!  rourkem@hudson.k12.oh.us or blued@hudson.k12.oh.us.  

    For updates in the classroom, you can follow me on Twitter @zipfan.  To keep updated on East Woods happenings, please follow our school Twitter account @EastWoodsPride.
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