Marie Rourke
       Welcome to Mrs. Rourke's Class!
    In Reading Workshop we are wrapping up our fantasy unit.  We have been  focusing on such skills as identifying components of the genre, evaluating how characters change, weighing and ranking evidence, keeping track of problems that multiply throughout the book, thinking metaphorically, investigating symbolism, and linking structure to theme. Last Friday students completed a literary essay about character development throughout their book, and will complete a second essay identifying theme later this week.
    In Writing Workshop we are working on opinion writing.  This unit focuses on research-based arguments and using evidence to build those arguments.  The essays will include evidence with analysis, reubuttals, responses, and counterclaims, appealing to an audience, and self-evaluating the validity of essays.
    Nightly Homework is to read for 30 minutes and complete a daily reading response.  Students have the reading responses for the entire quarter in their binders.  Reading responses will be collected each Monday starting
    January 14th.  The expectation is that the responses will be thoroughly completed with two pieces of evidence from the text, and have correct sentence structure, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  
    Valentine's Day parties will be held on February 14th.  Students may pass out Valentine's, but they are no longer allowed to include candy or treats.  Please keep this in mind when your student selects cards.
     If you would like to see updates from the classroom, please follow me on Twitter @Zipfan.  You can also see happenings from East Woods @EastWoodsPride. 
    We send team communications via Remind 101.  In order to connect, use your cell phone to text the message "@rourkeb" to the number 81010.  PARENTS IN BOTH HOMEROOMS SHOULD CONNECT TO THIS AS COMMUNICATION IS FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM!
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