The school counseling philosophy of the Hudson Schools is based on the belief that each student is unique and has varying needs, abilities and interests. As a result, there is a strong commitment to the total development of each student. The school counseling program focuses on personal, social, educational and career development with the primary goal of meaningful and productive citizenship.


    Counselor Assignments - By Last Name


    Counselor Sara Plant
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    Judy Montecalvo
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    H-K  (Six District Programs)
    Counselor Jill Van Dyke
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    Counselor Nicole Carmichael
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    P-SL (Department Chair)
     Counselor Jen Chadima
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    Counselor Shelley Laudato
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    Counseling Office Secretaries

                 Linda Golden         
    Lori Van Bokkelen 
    Records Secretary
    Eva Karas
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    Phone: 330-653-1419
    Fax:  330-653-1303




    Students are encouraged to plan carefully a program of study that will assist them in reaching their educational goals. The college preparatory program, accelerated, advanced placement programs and the career educational programs, outlined on the following pages, are designed to guide students in selecting the subjects that will lead them toward achieving their goals.

    It is important that students select courses to fit their career plans. It is suggested that they:

    1. Review all requirements for graduation.

    2. Read the information given about each department.

    3. Complete a Course/Credit/Worksheet paying particular attention to requirements and goals.

    4. Know and understand the recommended college preparatory and accelerated-advanced curriculum.