• Student Government 2016-2017

    Welcome to the Student Government page! Here you will find the resources that Student Government provides for school events and activities.

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    Congratulations to the following students who will be part of Student Government for the 2016-2017 school year.
    • Chris Cavoli - Student Government President
    • Grace Turner - Student Government Vice President
    • Jenny Gan - Student Government Treasurer
    • Zeynep Ozgur - Student Government Secretary
    • Kelsey Lowman - Student Government Publicity
    Class of 2017
     Class of 2018
     Class of 2019
     Class of 2020
    Connor Neifert, Pres.
    Kelsey Lowman, Pres.
    Yuhan Kim, Pres.
    Amy Fulton, Speaker
    Macy Trattner, VP
    Sebastian Kreiss, VP
    Jacob Russo, VP
    Lila Bishop
    Kate Gerling
    Mary Allerton
    Olivia Bernardo
    David Cho
    Madison Graham
    Anna Berger
    Ethan Bird
    Renee Erb
    Eliza Green
    Olivia Bouquot
    Zack Carson
    Hallie Fritsch
    Natalie Gundling
    Alex Dyer
    Michael Carey
    Ty Fulton
    Jimin Lee
    Nick Hakes
    Namjun Cho
    Jack Hakes
    Gloria Tie
    Feyza Mutlu
    Caitlin Dyer
    Sadie Mrakuzic
    Adeline Wickerham
    Grace Myers
    Jonathan Gregory
    Devin Oates
    Nick Matolka
    Avery Neher
    Jack Lehman
    Sarah Tahat

    Nick Sandone
    Kelly Ross

    Katelyn Sobczak
    Sam Ross

    Catherine Sommer
    Lesli Wilch

    Teresa Song
    Isabel Wu

    Cali Stuursma
    Andrew Ye

  • Jan Neff
    Jan Neff
    Computer Science Teacher
    Student Government Advisor
    Phone: 330-653-1416 x 3491
     Lisa Spaulding
    Lisa Spaulding
    Science Teacher
    Student Government Advisor
    Phone: 330-653-1416 x 3467