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    The school should be notified as soon as possible of any absence. Parents or guardians are to call the Attendance Office between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. to acknowledge the reason for the absence. Parents are also expected to call each day the student is absent. The middle school attendance line is 653-1300.
    Excessive Absences From School
    Regular attendance by all students is very important. In many cases, irregular attendance is the major reason for poor school work: therefore, all students are urged to make appointments, do personal errands, etc, outside of school hours. The State of Ohio Legistlature passed HB410 law which specifically defines attendance in all of Ohio's public schools. This new law requires each school district to send a letter when there is an absence with or without a legitimate excuse. HB 410 further requires if students are absent (even with a legitimate excuse) for 65 hours in a year or 38 hours in a month then written notice must be provided to parents and within seven calendar days of the written notice the absence must be reported to the State.

    Early Release
    All parent and guardian written requests to leave the building while school is in session, including the lunch period, must be cleared through the Attendance Office. Present this request to the attendance secretary before the start of school on the day the student is to be excused. This advance notice will reduce wait time. *Students leaving the building must be signed out and back in by parent/guardian at the Attendance Office. *Only exception: Student returning with a note from appointment - parent does not need to come in. Student must sign back in.

    Advanced Absence Notice
    When a student knows that he/she will be absent from school, he/she is required to pick up an advanced absence form from the Attendance Office. This form requires a parent signature, and a mutual agreement between the teachers and the student on an acceptable make-up due date validated by all of the student's teachers. This is then turned in to the attendance secretary. It is mutually understood that the sole responsibility for the completion of the advance absence notice and the make up of classroom work belongs to the student.

    Tardiness to School
    Parents must walk in to the Attendance Office when a student is tardy. Students are tardy to school if they are not in their homeroom at the tardy bell. The teacher will record all tardies on the absence sheet.
    Consequences for Tardiness:
    5 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and one lunch detention.
    10 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and one afterschool detention.
    15 Tardies: referral to Unit Principal and two afterschool detentions.
    Excessive tardies may be referred to the Summit County truant officer.

    Absences Relating to Athletics and After-School Activities/Events
    Students must be in attendance at school at least one-half of the day in order to participate in after-school activities/events. This means if you are coming in late, you must sign-in to school by 11:20, or if you are signing out, cannot miss more than 3-1/2 hours of the school day.
  •  Tammy Brodbeck
    Tammy Brodbeck
    Attendance Secretary
    Phone: 330-653-1300
    Email: BrodbecT@hudson.k12.oh.us