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      Varsity Jacket Order Form




    All athletes who wish to participate in interscholastic athletics must:
    Sign your child up and submit all required forms through Final Forms.  These include the following:
    • Annual Preparticipation Physical Exam.
    • Read the "Extracurricular Activity And Use of Tobacco, Alcohol And Other Drug Use Policy" and sign the "Eligibility and Extracurricular Code Agreement". (New form for each sport.)
    • Complete "Emergency Medical Authorization Forms" (Part I and Part II).
    • Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet

    A. Eligibility for each grading period is determined by grades received during the preceding grading period. Semester and yearly grades have no effect on eligibility. To be eligible students must be passing (D- or higher) five (5) one credit classes (Physical Education classes count only as 1/2 credit) AND have a GPA of 1.2. Students who have a GPA of 1.2 through 2.0, or who have an F in any class, are required to attend two study tables per week to maintain eligibility. ANY STUDENT WHO IS NOT PASSING 5 CREDITS OR RECEIVES A GPA BELOW 1.2 IS INELIGIBLE UNTIL THE NEXT REPORT CARD IS RECEIVED BY THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.
    B. Student athletes must be carrying five (5) credits to participate. Remember this requirement before dropping any classes.
    C. Middle School athletes must pass 75% of all course work per grading period. This requirement is carried over to their freshmen year in high school. Students who have a GPA of 1.2 through 2.0, or who have an F in any class, are required to attend two study tables per week to maintain eligibility. ANY STUDENT WHO IS NOT PASSING 75% OF THEIR CLASSES OR RECEIVES A GPA BELOW 1.2 IS INELIGIBLE UNTIL THE NEXT REPORT CARD IS RECEIVED BY THE ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT.
    D. For further information, an O.H.S.A.A. Athletic Eligibility Bulletin is attached hereto or can be picked up in the Athletic Office.
    E. The eligibility or ineligibility of a student continues until the start of the fifth school day of the next grading period (or until the Athletic Department receives the report card), at which time the grades from the immediately preceding grading period become effective.

    One of the great values of athletics should be the teaching of responsibility in the care of equipment. We provide the best and safest equipment we can buy. We expect each athlete to care for this equipment.
    The Athletic Department will loan most of the necessary equipment needed for the sport. It is the responsibility of the student to safeguard this equipment. The student will be held financially responsible for any equipment that is lost or stolen.
    In some cases, the student will be required to purchase some of the consumable parts of his/her equipment. This equipment will become the property of the student. Examples of student purchases would be: socks, shoes, personal uniforms such as swimsuits, leotards, etc.
    Reusable medical supplies are often loaned to an athlete while injured. All reusable items should be returned to the Athletic Trainer upon request or at the completion of the sport season.

    All team members will travel to and from out of town contests on transportation furnished by the school district. Students are not allowed to drive to away games.
    Student athletes will go to and from games with their team on the provided transportation. The only exception to this rule would be the release of the athlete to the parents for some family activity (the parents must be present and the request must be made in writing). However, parents are discouraged from making this request.

    Because of the dangers of participating in athletics; athletes should recognize the importance of following the coach's instructions regarding playing techniques, training, and other team rules and agree to obey such instructions. In addition, if you are participating in football, you will not use your helmet to butt, ram, or spear an opposing player. This is in violation of football rules and may result in serious injury to yourself or your opponent.

    An athlete that requires care from a physician or hospital must return a referral form or note from the physician to the Athletic Trainer before returning to practice or play. For the athlete's well-being, all recommendations from the physician will be followed.

    All injuries should be reported to the Athletic Trainer the next school day. Any appropriate physician referral or note should accompany this visit. You may communicate with the Athletic Trainer after 2:00 p.m. by calling 330-653-1410 at the High School.

    Supplemental Medical/Accidental Insurance


    Custom Molded Mouth Guards                                                              

    Dear Parents –

    We are pleased to notify you of our partnership with SLI – Sports guard Laboratories in Kent , Ohio. We have been working with SLI for over 15 years to provide custom molded mouth guards to our athletes at Hudson High School and Middle School.

    This year, SLI is offering a new pricing option to our families. 

    1st Mouthgaurd - $30.00

    2nd Mouthgaurd - $15.00   *Both guards must be ordered at the same time*

    If interested, athletes can come to the training room to pick up their mold/putty pack and directions. Take these materials home, follow the impression directions and return completed pack with CHECK INCLUDED (payable to SLI) to the training room!! Please fill out the order form completely and include any names, uniform #s, and/or school logo choices. Place order form and check (made payable to SLI) in plastic bag with impression 

    The completed mouth guard(s) will be brought back and returned to athlete usually within a week. 




    Melanie Bittecuffer,AT

    Dan DeVoe,AT