The Explorers are members of the O.H.S.A.A. and of the Northeast Ohio Conference. We offer a wide range of sports (26) and teams (56) at various levels. We have 13 sports for boys and 14 sports for girls. Check the list for seasonal offerings.

    1. To be eligible, a student in grades 9 through 12 must be currently enrolled and must have received passing grades during the preceding grading period in subjects that earn a minimum of 5 credits per year toward graduation. (See Scholastic Eligibility.)
    2. Athletes must have a Physical Exam—Parent Permission O.H.S.A.A. card completed and on file in the athletic office before the first practice.
    3. A student who becomes 19 before September 1 shall be ineligible from that date forward. Students are eligible for a maximum of eight semesters after beginning the ninth grade, whether or not they participate.
    4. Nine-week grading period grades will determine eligibility. Eligibility or ineligibility is in effect for an entire nine-week grading period. Semester grades do not determine eligibility. Summer School grades do not count.


    • A.      Eligibility for each grading period is determined by grades received during the preceding grading period. Semester and yearly grades have no effect on eligibility. To be eligible, students must be passing (D- or higher) five (5) one-credit classes (Physical Education classes are NOT full-credit classes—don’t count them) AND have a GPA of 1.2. Students who have a GPA of 1.2 through 2.0, or who have an “F” in any classes, are required to attend two study tables per week to maintain eligibility.
    • B.       Student athletes must carry five (5) credits to participate. Remember this requirement before dropping any classes.
    • C.       Incoming freshmen must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in school the immediately preceding grading period and received passing grades during that grading period in a minimum of five of those subjects in which the student receives grades.
    • D.      For further information, an O.H.S.A.A. Athletic Eligibility Bulletin can be picked up in the Athletic Office.




    Boys                                            Girls

                Soccer             9-JV-VAR                          Soccer                   Reserve-JV-VAR

                Football            9-JV-VAR                          Tennis                    JV-VAR

                Golf                  JV-VAR                             Field Hockey          Reserve-JV-VAR

                Cross Country   JV-VAR                             Cross Country         JV-VAR

                                                                                  Volleyball               9-JV-VAR

                                                                                  Golf                        JV-VAR



                Boys                                            Girls

                Basketball         9-JV-VAR                          Basketball               9-JV-VAR

                Bowling            JV-VAR                             Bowling                  JV-VAR

                Swimming/                                                Swimming/

                   Diving           JV-VAR                                Diving                 JV-VAR

                Wrestling        9-JV-VAR                          Gymnastics            VAR

                Ice Hockey       VAR-JV



                Boys                                            Girls

                Baseball            9-JV-VAR                          Softball                  Reserve-JV-VAR

                Track               JV-VAR                             Track                     JV-VAR

                Lacrosse          JV-VAR                             Lacrosse                Reserve-JV-VAR

                Tennis              JV-VAR



    A student-athlete earning a non-passing grade (F) and/or with a grade point average between 1.2 and 2.0 shall remain eligible only so long as the student-athlete attends two study tables per week. The purpose of the study table is to provide a quiet academic learning environment to allow students to concentrate on their homework assignments, school related reading and/or project completion. 

    • The study tables will be made available to all students of Hudson High School.
    • Study tables will be held before school for a minimum of three school days per week.
    • Students are expected to bring all of the necessary materials and supplies with them to each study table.
    • A student-athlete who does not participate in the required number of study tables or is dismissed from a study table for disciplinary reason or lack of effort will immediately become ineligible for a minimum period of one week. The suspension begins on the following Sunday and runs for seven days (through Saturday).
    • An adult employee (teacher/coach) of the school district will supervise the study table.
    • Being absent from school due to illness, vacation, college visits, etc. does not exempt or excuse the student from attending the study tables twice per week. If a student fails to attend twice per week, he or she is ineligible the following week.                                  


    NCAA Division I requires 16 core courses as of August 1, 2008. This rule applies to any student first entering any Division I college or university on or after August 1, 2008. NCAA Division II now requires 16 core courses (effective 8/1/13). See the breakdown of core-course requirements below.

    Test Scores: Division I has a sliding scale for test score and grade-point average. Division II has a minimum SAT score requirement of 820 or an ACT sum score of 68. The SAT score used for NCAA purposes includes only the critical reading and math sections. The writing section of the SAT is not used. The ACT score used for NCAA purposes is a sum of the four sections on the ACT: English, mathematics, reading and science. All SAT and ACT scores must be reported directly to the NCAA Eligibility Center by the testing agency. Test scores that appear on transcripts will not be used. When registering for the SAT or ACT, use the Eligibility Center code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported to the Eligibility Center.

    Be sure to look at your high school’s list of NCAA-approved core courses on the Eligibility Center's Web site to make certain that courses being taken at Hudson High School have been approved as core courses. The Web site is www.eligibilitycenter.org. For more information regarding the rules, please go to www.NCAA.org. Click on “Academics and Athletes,” then “Eligibility and Recruiting.” Or visit the Eligibility Center Web site at www.eligibilitycenter.org. Please call the NCAA Eligibility Center if you have questions: Toll-free number: 877/262-1492.