With student safety and supervision at the helm of our decisions, we have made slight changes to the morning arrival procedures. Our arrival and dismissal procedures are outlined below.

    School Day:

    Arrival 7:15am - 7:45am

    Homeroom 7:50am

    Dismissal 2:50pm

    Homeroom: Students are expected to be present in homeroom classes at 7:50am. Students are considered tardy for homeroom at 7:51am. When planning with your child for morning arrival, please remember that your child needs time to visit his/her locker prior to homeroom. Students arriving by 7:40am typically have enough time to visit friends, visit their locker, and be in homeroom before the bell rings.

    Arrival by Bus: Last spring, we piloted a later arrival for buses, and students were dismissed from buses at 7:35am to enter the building. We will continue with this process.

    Parent Drop-off / Walkers: The building entrances will open for students at 7:15am each morning. Students arriving before this time will remain outside of the building and will not have supervision. We ask that you make plans to arrive by or after 7:15am.

    After School Procedures: Following the dismissal bell at 2:50pm, students are to proceed to the buses or parent pick-up areas. Walkers also proceed home at this time. Students remaining for after-school activities should report immediately to their designated areas, as determined by their coach or supervisor. Students are not to remain after school to attend late afternoon activities unless they are part of a team or club. 

    In order to protect the safety of our students, please be aware of the following student drop off and pick up  procedures.  We need your attention in implementing this plan to help ensure that students are never crossing in front of a moving vehicle.

    • From 7:00am through 3:30pm, the entrance to the Middle School from Oviatt Street is restricted to buses, emergency vehicles, and district vehicles ONLY. 
    • Parents dropping off or picking up students must enter from Aurora Street to Franklin Street, and follow the lane to the right of the sidewalk near the garages (yellow arrows in diagram). If dropping off after 7:40am, parents may choose to use the lane on the   left of the sidewalk  (orange arrows in  diagram, for AM ONLY).
    • Students should exit or enter the vehicles from the sidewalk between the garages and the staff parking lot, then proceed to the crosswalk.
    • To expedite traffic flow, and help your day begin smoother, all cars along the sidewalk should allow students to exit and walk down the sidewalk, rather than each car stopping at the end of the sidewalk.
    • Parents on the right side of the sidewalk will turn right at the stop sign at the end of the garages and exit via Oviatt Street. Parents on the left side of the sidewalk will turn left at the end of the sidewalk and exit via Franklin Street.
    • In the afternoon, students being picked up should wait under the canopy near the school until their car is in sight.  For safety purposes, students are not to walk behind the buses in the parking lot to locate their ride. 

    One last request for caution: If you plan to drop your child off on Elm Street or Oviatt Street, please drop him/her off on the same side of the street as the building. Children should not cross in front of traffic.  Please do not pull into the back parking lot off Elm Street, unless special arrangements have been made with your student’s teachers. 

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation in support of the safety of all of our children.


    Parking Lot


                                                     Please Note: Yellow arrows indicate drop-off and pick-up procedures at any time;

             Orange arrows are an option for drop-off after 7:40am only.