• Home to over 1000 third, fourth and fifth grade students, East Woods Intermediate School believes that each child is unique and that our school community is enriched by our individual differences.  This year, our building-wide theme is “Be Connected.”  Throughout the year, students and staff are participating in lessons on creating a heightened sense of belonging.   Emphasis is also placed on our six district-wide “Portrait of an Explorer Days,” an initiative where our entire school district focuses on the key character traits of a well-rounded Hudson Explorer: Adaptive Problem Solver, Critical Thinker, Ethical Citizen, Lifelong Learner, Engaged Collaborator, and Empathetic Contributor.  

    Also worth noting, students in each grade level participate in project based learning including building birdhouses, bringing Ohio history to life through student-driven plays, schoolyard butterfly/native plant habitats and Bloodhound car design and racing.  We are proud to have a vibrant fine arts program that allows students to explore visual arts, orchestra, band, and choir.  Unique to East Woods is our natatorium, where all three grades participate in swimming classes.  Additionally, students have weekly sessions in our media center, which houses over 14,500 books and audiobooks.  Last year, students checked out over 29,600 items! 

    Our committed, compassionate staff works hard to educate the whole child, focusing on academics as well as overall well-being.  Special days like “Wellness Wednesdays” in which students and staff wear shirts with motivational sayings and “Explorer Fridays,” when school colors are worn, encourage a sense of togetherness and fun.