For safety's sake when dropping off students in the front loop,please stop adjacent to the curb not in an outside lane. Using turn signals will help traffic flow better and mitigate the chance of accidents. In the morning, vehicles entering the front of the building have a choice of either lane, and there's plenty of room to get over to the right once you are up by the front entrance (labeled B). Again, drop students at the curb - too often, drivers are looking toward their drop-off instead of looking ahead as they pull out and that could prove disastrous.
    Please avoid the front loop of the high school from 2:45 - 3:10 p.m. We have approximately 30 buses either lined up or in route from the Middle School and they don't pull out until 3:09 p.m. That could translate into a cloud of diesel fumes if you happen to get caught in the line up, not to mention the impact on where the buses fall in the line-up grid. Some students get confused when the bus isn't in the same location each day (something to do with them all being the same color.) Instead of the front loop, parents can pick up students at the "E" door, auditorium entrance, entering from Stow Rd. Keep in mind that with the concentration of student traffic, it is still not the best scenario. However, that's the best we can do at dismissal time. To allow for two way traffic in the senior lot area, parents should NOT park or wait in their vehicles for their students on the curb, but should utilize open parking spaces in the lot to meet their students. This allows for continuous traffic flow during this busy time of day. Probably the best plan would be to avoid the rush altogether and coordinate a pick up time at or after 3:15 p.m. Also, please avoid the Hudson United Methodist Church parking lot. That is private property....no student pick ups!