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About the Board of Education

We Welcome Input From Residents!

About the Board of Education

The Hudson Board of Education consists of five citizens who are residents of the Hudson City School District, each of whom is elected for a four-year term. Boards have the legal responsibility for providing an educational program for the youth of the school district. The Board is also responsible for establishing the policies of the District, which are then carried out by the superintendent and administrative staff. The Board also reviews expenditures for the District and when a tax levy will be needed. 

About Board Meetings

The Board of Education’s regular and special meetings are held in public under the Sunshine Law of the State of Ohio. They are also “live streamed” and videotaped by Hudson Cable TV for community viewing. When the Board votes to hold an executive session, it must state the purpose of the session. Executive sessions are closed to the public. Topics eligible for executive session are: review of personnel matters such as dismissal, promotion, demotion or compensation; the purchase or sale of property; negotiations; and conferences with legal counsel regarding pending court action. Any actions taken by the Board that result from these sessions must take place at a public meeting. The Hudson Board of Education meets the second and fourth Monday of each month unless otherwise announced in advance.

Input from Residents

The Board of Education welcomes input from the residents of Hudson City School District. There is currently one opportunity in the Board Agenda for public comments. These comments may pertain to either agenda or non-agenda items. 

The Guidelines for comments are as follows:

  • Please come forward to the table located directly in front of the Board members. Please address the Board and not the audience. The Board understands that public speaking is not easy for many people. They sincerely thank you for your interest and involvement.
  • Please state your name and city of residence.
  • Please be brief. Please be courteous. Comments are limited to three minutes.
  • Please limit comments to school activities; please do not criticize others for making comments.
  • Those in the audience are asked to respect the comments and people making them by reframing from overt actions in favor of or against the comments and/or persons.
  • The Board reserves the right to respond or not to respond to any particular comments from the floor. Every reasonable effort will be made to listen, keep the public informed where necessary, and consider evidence from all parties before a decision is rendered. Specific questions may require investigation and/or contractual or legal inquiry before a determination is made.
  • The Hudson Board of Education strives to render all decisions based on the available facts and in a timely manner.  Please remember that this is a Board meeting held in public; there are no laws regulating public comment. The Board reserves the right to modify public comment guidelines.

If you cannot attend a meeting, please feel free to contact the Board of Education.

Steve DiMauro, President, Email Steve DiMauro, VM, 330-653-1399, press 2
Alisa Wright, Vice President, Email Alisa Wright, VM, 330-653-1399, press 3  
Mark Dzurec, Member, Email Mark Dzurec, VM, 330-653-1399, press 1
Laura Jones, Member, Email Laura Jones, VM, 330-653-1399, press 5
Tom Tobin, Member, Email Tom Tobin, VM, 330-653-1399, press 4