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Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee

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The Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee is a committee of students, staff, parents, and community members who volunteer their time to advance the district's mission of progressing toward cultural proficiency. The Advisory Committee is not a decision-making body, instead, the members research best practices and draw on their own areas of expertise to advise and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding policy and procedure, curriculum, professional development, cultural programming, and behavioral health as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools. 

Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee Members




Parents & Community Members

**Travis Anglewicz, Gr. 11

**Dana Addis, Superintendent

Jen Batton  

**Ana Berrios, Gr. 12

Crystal Boyd, Occupational Therapist  

**Samir Bhatia

**Alex Carbone, Gr. 12

 **Nick Chiorian, High School Social Studies  

Steve DiMauro  

**Avie Coombs, Gr. 7

Jakki Dukes, High School VLO/ARC  

**Megan Dzurec

**Emma Dowling, Gr. 10

**Mary Fitzgerald, Middle School Administrator  

Doug Ellison  

Gabby Edge, Gr. 11    

**Kristen Gilliland, Elementary Guidance Counselor  

James Field  

Charlie Herman, Gr. 12  

Kelly Grannis, 1st Grade  

**Linda Goodall-Martin

**Arlene Karra, Gr. 11

Emily Hertz, Special Education Coordinator  

**Brandy Hollis

**Kyla Lindsay, Gr. 12

Jay Hill, High School Math  

Terra Howell-Muth  

Numa Lodhi, Gr. 12  

Tara Kieser, Elementary Administrator  

Jane Howington  

Lucy Pulis, Gr. 9

Mark McConnell, Coach/Elementary Physical Education  

Chante Jones  

Hannah Qin, Gr. 10  

**Mike Miller, High School Administrator

Laura Jones  

Kayli Rego, Gr. 12  

**Mackenzie Morehouse, Kindergarten

Sherif Mansour  

**Gabriela Skomra, Gr. 10

Doreen Osmun, Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Director

Tania Nemer  

**Angela Wang, Gr. 12

**Stephanie Raub, Elementary Librarian

Nirali Patel  

Alice Xu, Gr. 12  

Rebecca Rice, Literacy Coordinator  

**Yasmine Quabili


**Jennifer Rischitelli, Speech-Language Pathologist

Lisa Radigan  

  **Maria Schiele, High School World Language   **Nicholas Regan

Maureen Schreiner, Elementary School Administrator  

**Lauren Roberts


**Michael Sims, HCER  

**Varunee Faii Sangganjanavanich 


Brett Spicer, HMS Language Arts    

Chief Perry Tabak


Nyree Wilkerson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator  

Sara Viar  



Denise Ward  



**Thor Wasbotten

    Sharon Wasco  
**indicates new member


Yanmei Xu  



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