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The fundamental principle of our district mission is providing each child with the educational environment that enables them to develop into their best self - academically, physically, social-emotionally. But in order for a student to become their best self, they must feel comfortable being their current self. If students do not feel safe and comfortable to be who they are, how can they ever take the risks necessary to grow into their full potential?

In Hudson, we are on a deliberate journey toward cultural proficiency--knowing how to learn from and about one another, and how to appreciate and interact with those who are dissimilar to ourselves.

As we consider the hopes, aspirations, and dreams we have for our students, and the skills and habits of mind necessary to achieve them, it is undeniable that building cultural proficiency through diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to this development and essential in preparing students to compete, contribute, and thrive in a rapidly-changing, complex, interconnected, and globally diverse world