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Safety and Security

Safety is the top priority in the Hudson City School District.  We value our partnership with the Hudson police and fire departments, as well as with our community members, as we continually work to ensure the physical and emotional safety of students and staff.

The City of Hudson safety forces, which include police, fire, EMS, meet with the building principals, Hudson Central Office personnel, administrators from WRA, Hudson Montessori, and Seton Catholic regularly to discuss procedures and the critical factors of coordinated efforts among the schools in Hudson.

Safety Advisory Committee

The Hudson Parent & Staff Safety Advisory Committee was started in 2017, and is composed of administrators, staff, parents and local law enforcement who regularly review our safety plans.  Parents who serve on the committee were specifically selected because they have a background that can assist in providing important perspectives for our safety protocols.  These committee members include mental health professionals, medical personnel, current and former military and security experts.  They serve as advisors to the Superintendent.  The Safety Advisory Committee, along with various subcommittees, meets several times annually.

Safety Drills

Our staff and students receive specific safety and security training at the start of each school year and practice that training several times throughout the year.  This includes how to handle the threat of an active shooter, a fire, and a tornado or other natural disaster.

Building administrators work with the School Resource Officers (SRO) and local safety officials to establish procedures, practice lockdowns and drills.