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School Entrance Security Measures

Secure Entrances & Cameras

We have secure vestibules in each of our buildings with two levels of locked entrances. The Raptor license/state identification scanners are utilized for guests entering any of our school buildings.  

Throughout our district, you will find security cameras indoors and outdoors.  The cameras are monitored by our building administrators and School Resource Officers.  In 2022, the district added more than 100 new cameras to our high school security.

School bus camera systems are also in place on our fleet of buses.  These prove helpful in instances of bullying or potential unsafe behavior.  The district is able to pull footage from these cameras if an incident is alleged to have taken place.  They also can serve as a deterrent against poor behavior.  On our buses, we also have bus arm cameras to protect our students.  Parents have access to the bus app tracker so they can see the location of their child’s bus.

Raptor: Visitor Management System

Rator is the HCSD's visitor management system which strengthens the district’s program of campus safety for students and staff by ensuring that we know precisely who is in our buildings at all times.  

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