• 1.  Create and design your Skunk and Badger folder using supplies provided.


    2.  Research a skunk and a badger the main characters in the story using World Book Kids on our EH Media page.


    3. Make a rock and mineral book, brochure or poster! Here are some good places to use on the web:

    DK Findout Rocks & Minerals






    PBS KIds


    Birthstones / Gemstones

    Also, don't forget to use the tools on our EH Library Page ---- World Book Kids, National Geographic Kids, Mystery Science!! Sooooo many places to find information...Make sure it is trustworthy!


    (If you are interested in gemstones--you can do a search for rocks and minerals in National Geographic Kids and under magazines, you will discover an article all about gemstones!)

     3 1/2. Use scrap paper or lined notebook paper or a little book/ notepad to write down words that come up when listening to the story that you are unsure about (ex:  pine marten, ukulele, Bunsen burner, 

    4. Make some scrapbook photos of the chickens that skunk finds using the the supplies provided in class! If you have fancy scissors, you can cut the edges to look like a scrapbook. Look up chickens or names of some of the breeds of chickens on Kiddle. Aren't they beautiful? Are you surprised there are so many different breeds?


    5. Make a cookbook of breakfast foods you would like to cook or share a recipe (using steps to follow) for a yummy recipe that you would like Skunk to cook for you. Remember, though, skunk will make you clean up the kitchen...


    6. Ever hear of the old TV show or Broadway show "The Odd Couple"? Some people think Skunk and Badger are an odd couple. What do you think?


    7. After finishing the book, make an invitation to Aunt Lula from Skunk & Badger inviting her over to the  brownstone. What kinds of activites will they plan for their party? What type of food will they serve? 


    8. Make a map of their neighborhood of North Twist. Be sure to include Posey Toad's Grocery Store, Chicken Books, Twisty hotel, Double-Dice Game Shop,, Veg & Egger (and the Hot Pie Now sign), and of course, Queggly Hill Park.


    9. Draw some of the neighbors that Badger has never met:  hedgehog,pig, salamander, brown bat. Why do they all know what happened to Skunk and the Chickens?


    10. Draw all the things that badger puts in his knapsack. (hard hat, protective goggles, flashlight, hand lens on a lanyard, tool belt, utlity knife, chisel, hammer speciment bags, pencil magnet, compass, two snack bars, and a full water bottle. What else would you add? 


    11. Check out author Amy Timberlake's website