• Please follow the link to sign up for athletics at Hudson Middle School. Any student wishing to participate in athletics at Hudson Middle School Must sign up through Final Forms AND have a valid OHSAA Physical on file with the athletic office prior to participating in any practice or tryout. 

     Participating in athletics is a valuable piece of the middle school experience. We emphasize the academic aspect of being a STUDENT-athlete at Hudson Middle School.  Absences Relating to Athletics and After-School Activities/Events Students must be in attendance at school at least one-half of the day in order to participate in after-school or evening activities/events.  If a student is arriving late, s/he must sign-in to school by 11:20 a.m., or if a student is signing out, s/he must be present for a total of at least 3.5 hours of the school day. (Rev. 2014-2015 School Year Student Planner)

    Admission to School Events  In accordance with our league policy, there will be an admission fee charged at all gated events. Adults $2 Students/Children $1. Suburban League passes will be accepted. 

    Participation Fee for athletics is $100 per athlete, per season with an $800 family cap.

    Phone: 330-653-1338
    Fax: 330-653-1368
    Email: bedfordb@hudson.k12.oh.us

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