Join band.  Life will be better.

    So, you're a 5th grader and want to do band. 

    HEY! you're a smart kid! 

    Here's what you do - 

    1.  During the first three weeks of school, go to the band room during music class time for Mr. Burrington's 'Try a Band Instrument' lesson and get that trying paper to take home.

    2.  Show your parents/guardians what you did and tried in the band room with that paper.

    3.  Make a final band instrument decision.  Remember, you should pick the instrument that has a sound you like and one you have a recommendation for from Mr. Burrington.  You can bring the 'Try A Band Instrument' form back to school the day you have your 4th music class if you wish, with your final decision discuseed with your parent/guardian. Once you know you will be doing band this year, CLICK THIS MUSIC CLASS SELECTION FORM LINK, and fill it out.

    4.  CLICK THIS LINK then  click slideshow on the upper right and read through the slides.

    5. Once you have selected a band instrument, you can rent one from one of the stores in slide presentation from the link in step 4 by Labor Day.

    Please let me know (email John Burrington) if you have a band question.


    It is never too late to join band, all you need to do is tell or email Mr. Burrington!