Join band.  Life will be better.
  • 5th Grade Band Google Classroom Code: xefplva

    HHS Blue Symphonic Band Google Classroom Code: 375f6te








    So, you're a 5th grader and want to do band. 

    HEY! you're a smart kid! 

    Here's what you do - 

    1.  Try band instruments with Mr. Burrington in music class and show that paper to your parents.

    2.  Decide on an instrument using the 'like it' and 'recommended' columns.

    3.  (Parents)Go to the Band Open House Thursday Sept 5, 6-7pm to get the band open house handout, hear some important information, register for band, and meet Mr. Burrington.  Students can come too.

    4.  Contact a music store by Sunday Sept 10.  The stores on my handout will deliver the instruments to East Woods, where I pass them out to take home during music class the week of Sept 17.  I will start to show them items to practice that week.


    It is never too late to join band, all you need to do is tell or email Mr. Burrington



    East Woods Band Open House 9/5/19

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