• If your child will be attending partial day services in-person while we are in the Remote 2.0 learning model, you will be required to complete and submit a daily Google Form Symptom Checklist

    This form must be submitted by 8am each morning. 

    If you answer yes to any of these questions, your child must remain home.  If we do not receive a form from you, our clinic staff will be giving you a call.




    The Department of Pupil Services provides a range of support services that enable students to benefit from the Hudson Schools educational program. Pupil Services staff are a critical part of the students' total school experience. Services provided include:

    Special Education Services

    Related Services

    Integrated Preschool

    School Counseling and Social Work

    Parent Mentor Program

    School Health Services


    For more information on these services, please select a link from the menu or call the Pupil Services Office at 330-653-1426.



    Letter to Parents regarding Ohio Department of Education/Office for Exceptional Children Review