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Superintendent's email message to parents about All In/Hybrid BOE Decision 10.13.20

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your participation in the recent Parent Survey. We are grateful that we have such caring and involved parents; parents who want only what is best for their child(ren) and our Hudson students. 

Last night, after lengthy deliberation, the Hudson Board of Education considered three resolutions regarding transitioning students to the All-in instructional model.  As a result, beginning on Monday, October 19, 2020, all (Option 1) elementary and Middle School students will attend school 5-days per week at the regularly scheduled start and stop times. At this time, (Option 1) High School students will remain in the Hybrid instructional model.

The Option 2 Virtual Learning will continue as planned. Students may transition into or out of the Virtual Learning Option at the end of the trimester (K-5) or semester (6-12). VLO parents will receive an email in the future describing the process to change learning options if desired.  

At the meeting, Superintendent, Phil Herman, presented multiple factors used when considering the All-In recommendation, which included:  

  • Summit County’s COVID-19 Risk Level and reasoning
  • Local/State/Federal guidance
  • Summit County confirmed cases
  • 44236 confirmed cases
  • Hudson City School District confirmed cases
  • Staff and Parent Survey feedback
  • Staff and Student attendance rates
  • Area hospitalization rates and bed availability
  • COVID-19 case numbers of surrounding districts in various learning models

Based on the State, County, local, and school district COVID-19 data, our school district meets the scientific criteria for returning to school with moderate risk. In each learning model, our students and staff will continue to practice key and secondary safety protocols established by the CDC and Summit County Public Health. While the High School will remain in Hybrid at this time, we will continue to closely monitor all of our buildings, and evaluate the learning models for all students to achieve our overall goal of providing an excellent educational experience in as safe an environment as possible.

The Hudson City School District believes, when prudent, children need to be in school. The relationships our students form with their teachers are a large part of a successful school experience for all ages. The Hudson Ready Plan also recognizes the need to be flexible. The District will be vigilant moving forward by closely monitoring the data factors above and providing up-to-date information to our Board of Education for future considerations regarding our learning instructional models.

Together, we can rise to the challenges of incrementally returning our students to school. With continued strict enforcement of the multiple mitigating safety layers already in place, and the willingness of parents to keep children home when ill and to minimize student gatherings during the day and after school, we will achieve our goal of providing our students with the academic experience they need while navigating through a global pandemic that is challenging for all of us.

If you have specific questions or concerns please feel free to call the Superintendent’s Office at (330) 653-1216 or send an email to