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Science Olympiad Team Wins Big at State Tournament

Congratulations to our Hudson Middle School Science Olympiad team for earning 3rd place at the Ohio State Science Olympiad tournament! 

The team brought home medals in 17 of the 23 events, including 1st place in Ornithology (Gemma Ward/Millie Griffiths), 2nd place in Crave the Wave (Jerry Du/Sherry Li), and 2nd place in Bridges (Aanya Patel/Luke Metoki). 

1st place:  Ornithology (Gemma Ward/Millie Griffiths)
2nd place:  Bridges (Aanya Patel/Luke Metoki)
2nd place:  Crave the Wave (Jerry Du/Sherry Li)
3rd place:  Sounds of Music (Luke Metoki/Yeonwoo Yu)
3rd place:  Electric Wright Stuff (Hajoo Yu/Yeonwoo Yu)
3rd place:  Road Scholar (Luke Metoki/Millie Griffiths)
3rd place:  Mission Possible (Aanya Patel/Yeonwoo Yu)
4th place:  Crime Busters (Jerry Du/Sherry Li)
4th place: Experimental Design (Kate Justice/Madison Rosko/Millie Griffiths)
4th place:  Dynamic Planet (Elena Cheng/Gemma Ward)
4th place:  Green Generation (Elena Cheng/Elizabeth Chen)
5th place:  Rocks & Minerals (Evelyn Fabian/Gemma Ward)
5th place:  Storm the Castle (Hajoo Yu/Kate Justice)
5th place:  Bio Process Lab (Elizabeth Chen/Gemma Ward)
6th place:  Meteorology (Elena Cheng/Elizabeth Chen)
6th place:  Solar System (Gemma Ward/Rosa Donnelly)
6th place:  Anatomy & Physiology (Emma Liu/Sherry Li)