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Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline

The safety and security of our students and staff is our number one priority. To help prevent activities that could negatively impact our schools, we are contracted with Security Voice, Safe Schools Helpline, an outside company with no ties to our schools. Safe Schools Helpline is anonymous; you can use it to let us know about and try to prevent problems before they happen. If you are not comfortable directly reporting acts, such as violence, theft, drug or alcohol use, sexual harassment, weapons, bullying behavior, etc. to our staff, please consider using this secure, anonymous service.

Please, if you see, read, or hear something that threatens our school safety, please say something!
When we receive notice, it gets top priority and we are obligated to report back to the service on action taken or sometimes we request additional information. The caller can then call back to see what’s happened or provide more details if requested—and it’s all anonymous!Safe Schools
Based on the concept of "see something, say something," the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline is designed to allow people to anonymously report concerns when individuals may hurt themselves or others - - before something happens. Individuals can call or text, 24-hours a day, concerns about individuals doing harm to themselves or others.
The number to call is: 800-418-6423 EXT. 397 or text 66746 then type TIPS. The Hudson City Schools has used the Safe Schools Helpline for many years for students and parents to anonymously report possible acts of violence, suicide, bullying or other incidents that would affect the schools. After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a group was formed called the Keep Hudson Safe Initiative that saw a need to involve the whole community to keep our residents and children safe. The Hudson Schools, the City of Hudson and Community First worked together to expand the Hudson City Schools' Helpline to service the entire community. What is different? The phone number extension needed to change to expand the service. The number is now 800-418-6423 EXT 397. However, the existing number, including the extension, will continue to work far into the future. However, we hope that the new number will become the number of choice as the entire community begins to use the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline.

The Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline program includes the availability of quick-reference magnets for pick-up in the main offices.
 Remember, the Safe Schools, Safe Community Helpline does not replace 911. If you are witnessing an emergency, violence or other harmful activities in action, you should immediately call 911.