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Emergency-Exit-Only Pilot to Begin on February 25

Hudson High School has been working diligently to secure all entrances during the school year, thereby limiting access through secured, buzzer-activated vestibules. However, challenges remain . . . a safety enhancement, suggested by the Hudson City Schools' District Safety Committee, was recently installed in response to a common occurrence at the high school: exterior doors left propped open. Whether for convenience or to accommodate a student running to their car and back, exterior doors left propped open has been and remains a top security concern.


To address this challenge, Hudson High School is piloting a Emergency-Exit-Only notification system at the Commons-Senior Parking Lot entrance (labeled G) during school hours (8am-3pm) beginning on Monday, February 25th. Signage will direct all students leaving during the school day to use the Auditorium exits--that's a secured entrance staffed by attendance personnel. If any door at Entrance G is opened during the school day, a loud siren will sound; cameras at that location will record those who ignore this new security protocol.


While inconvenient for some, mitigating the occurrences of propped doors during the school day greatly enhances our safety and security profile. Additional attempts to inform students of the planned changes will occur in the coming weeks before implementation. We realize it's often difficult to change procedures/habits mid-year but this pilot will help better inform future decisions regarding a safe and secure building. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

Inside of G


Entrance G