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2020 Senior Internships

Senior Internship Option is an opportunity to participate in an independent study project during the last three weeks of the senior year. Seniors can pursue practical educational experiences of interest to them. The program takes place during the last three weeks of the school year, April 27 through May 15, 2020. The work must be voluntary and there may be no monetary or other compensation. The time required for the project must meet or exceed thirty (30) hours per week. Other requirements include:

  1. The student must design a program that will enable him or her to pursue professional interests in an educational and practical way—the internship should relate to the student’s career path. The experience can also include an extended Community Service Project or a School Beautification initiative (ie. Senior Mural). 
  1. The student must arrange for a community advisor to sponsor a daily work experience during the project period of three weeks. It is recommended that an immediate relative not be chosen as community sponsors; the student must see an administrator to discuss the additional requirements for such cases. 
  1. The student must arrange for a school (faculty) advisor to provide guidance, feedback, and assure student accountability regarding fulfillment of the project guideline requirements. 
  1. The student must meet the minimum requirements listed under “Student Requirements and Responsibilities.” 
  1. The student must complete the preliminary application form and return it to their respective unit principal by Friday, March 20th 2020 (the Friday before Spring Break). If there are special circumstances, applications can be accepted after spring break.