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Beam Topping Off Ceremony!

Signature Beam and Administrators

Beam Topping Off Ceremony

The last steel signature beam (signed by students and staff) has been hoisted into place at the new Middle School. Referred to as The Beam Topping Off Ceremony, it is the placing of the last beam and is a major milestone. The beam is typically adorned with a small evergreen tree and an American flag. The custom celebrates the construction process and is viewed as the first introduction of the building to the public. It uniquely honors the accomplishments of the construction crew and is reminiscent of old-fashion, barn-raising celebration! In the steel trade, the tree is a key symbol. History indicates that the evergreen symbolizes positive things - good luck for future occupants, new or continued growth in concert with the environment and a safe job, well done! The ceremony announces the construction and project team's pride in the construction progress and accomplishments. 
- Information provided by Hammond Construction.

 Information provided by Hammond Construction.

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Topping Off by Peter Wood, BU professor of anthropology
Why is there a Christmas tree on top of that steel building? Bruce Brown, CEO, RHINO Steel Building Systems