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The Hydroponic Greenhouse at HHS

After granting Hudson High School $20,000 to help start a hydroponic garden, The Kiwanis Club of Hudson returned to tour the greenhouse.

Designed to be a project based learning experience, students in AP environmental science have started growing lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers in the hydroponic garden. The garden was developed as a means to examine biological concepts, as well as, to provide students with a meaningful way to see the application of these concepts. Such as, by measuring nutrients in the water for the plants to grow without soil, problem-solving problems like the amount of light needed in the greenhouse during the low-light winter months, and how to pollinate the plants. The Sustainability Project also provides job skills and training for our students with special needs.

hydroponics tour of cucumber plants butter lettuce plants Mr. Kearns discusses lettuce plants with Kiwanis members Kiwanis members touring greenhouse