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District, City, and Bus Drivers Share Growing Concerns about School Bus Safety


Cars passing School Buses with Red Flashing Lights is a Growing Concern in Hudson.


School bus safety is a critical part of keeping our students safe. There is a growing concern about the number of cars passing school buses when red lights are flashing, particularly on busier streets. These lights are designed to allow students to safely unload at their bus stops.


Since August, there have been over 226 violations reported. Ohio Law protects students when they are entering and existing school buses. In addition, our City, Hudson police force, our drivers, and Hudson Schools are stepping up activities to stop these incidences.


More importantly, we need keep our students safe. The best practice when approaching a bus with flashing yellow lights is to prepare to stop. School bus drivers are required to use the warning lights approximately 300 feet before a stop. A car passing a school bus with flashing red lights is in violation of the law.


We know you share our concerns about the safety of all children. If you see a red flashing light violation, please don’t hesitate to report it, including the license plate number, to the Hudson police department.


Please help by sharing this comprehensive school bus safety information with others!