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District Introduces Trimesters for Elementary Schools in 2019-2020

 District Adopts 2019-2020 School Year Calendars


Elementary Calendar Shifts to Trimesters to Provide More Instructional Time for Young Students Between Grading Periods.


The Hudson Board of Education has adopted the District School Year Calendar for 2019–2020.  

The new Calendar includes a shift to trimesters for PreK-5 elementary students. Grades 6-12 will remain on semesters.This change is the result of a year-long Calendar Committee study that included teachers, parents, staff, administration and community members.

Students in all grades, PreK-12 will start and end school on the same dates, and share the same holidays and school breaks, regardless of the difference between trimesters and semesters.

The shift to trimesters for elementary students results in three longer learning periods between report cards within the school year. Hudson Middle School and Hudson High School will remain on the traditional District Calendar that includes two grading periods per semester.

The school calendar study concluded that using a trimester calendar for younger learners will provide more time for teachers to get to know young students and their individual learning styles prior to reporting their progress. In addition, it gives elementary students more time to acclimate to their school, grade and classrooms before testing. The longer grading periods also provide more time for instruction, more time to identify areas of concerns, and more to time to help students while measuring their progress.



View the Calendars on the Website:

View the 2018-2019 school calendar on the website.

View the 2019-2020 school calendars on the website.


Download the Calendars:

2018-2019 Semesters (All Grades)

2019-2020 Semesters (Grades 6-12)

2019-2020 Trimesters (PreK-5)


For additional questions, call the Assistant Superintendent’s Office at 330-653-1217.