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Superintendent Phil Herman's Updated Message about a serious and disturbing incident that took place on October 4, 2019.

Hello, this is Phil Herman, superintendent of Hudson City Schools. This is a follow-up to my phone message yesterday about an incident that occurred this past Friday. 

At the Hudson City Schools, the safety and wellness of the students we serve is our top priority. 


According to the findings of an investigation conducted by the Hudson High School administration, an incident occurred on Friday, Oct. 4. Several female students were in a high school bathroom when racially offensive language was being used. An African-American student entered the bathroom and overheard and continued to hear the racially offensive language. The Hudson City School District does not and will not tolerate racism or ethnic harassment of any type. 


Further exacerbating this issue, two of the students exited the restroom, and then leaned their backs against the bathroom door, trying to prevent the other students from exiting. 


The High School administration continues to work closely with the Hudson Police Department regarding inappropriate and threatening social media posts directed at the African-American student, as well as, investigating other social media activity which occurred over the weekend. This investigation is ongoing. Together, with other adults in our community, we need to continue to model civility, compassion, and respect for all involved. 


The students in question will be held accountable for their behavior. Please understand that as part of our commitment to serve the well-being of all students, we cannot share disciplinary actions as dictated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that prohibits specific student information from being released to the public.    


Hudson City Schools has been and remains committed to helping our students to better understand diversity, be kind and caring individuals, and to positively engage their world.  


This incident and the social media posts have highlighted the importance of continuing to identify racial concerns and divides within our schools and community.  We will continue to work to develop educational opportunities so that we may use this experience to become better citizens.