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District to Stay the Course on October 19 with All-in/Hybrid Decision.



Dear Hudson Parents and Guardians, 

In a conversation I had with the Summit County Public Health Commissioner this morning, and based on the announcement just made we know that Summit County has again moved to the “Red Level” on the Ohio Public Health Advisory System based on previous weeks’ COVID-19 data.

As discussed at the Board of Education meeting Monday, the OPHAS color coding is one important data point that we should be considering in making Instructional model decisions, but given all we have learned since this summer, it should not be the sole factor in determining our instructional learning model transitions. We know from past experience that the COVID -19 color-coded risk levels are fluid and can change rapidly. In addition to the color coding, we must also consider regional, local, and district specific factors including:


  • Summit County’s COVID-19 Risk Level and reasoning
  • Local/State/Federal guidance
  • Summit County confirmed cases
  • 44236 confirmed cases
  • Hudson City School District confirmed cases
  • Parent and Staff survey feedback
  • Staff and Student attendance rates
  • Area hospitalization rates and bed availability
  • COVID-19 case numbers of surrounding districts in various learning models

Weighing all of these present data points and safety factors, Hudson City Schools will begin the “All-In” model, K-8, and continue the Hybrid model, grades 9-12, on October 19th as previously announced.

Through every step of our planning, it has been a priority to analyze the latest guidance and data, apply the guidance, make adjustments to our instructional learning models and safety protocols, and to proceed with caution. We will continue to carefully monitor our local case rates and cases within our school district to determine future transitions. To date, we have not seen examples of in-school spread in Hudson City Schools. It is essential, and we will continue, to examine each case within our schools to determine if we see examples of in-school spread. 

I know that there are a lot of questions, concerns, and anxiety related to possible exposure to COVID-19, including isolation and quarantine requirements. In this morning’s discussion with Donna Skoda, Summit County Public Health Commissioner, she reiterated that the primary safety procedures and protocols (masks, hand washing, distancing to the greatest extent possible, cleaning and sanitizing) are working in schools and in our district. We are currently working with SCPH to determine how their new guidance for decision-making will impact student attendance, our student and staff return to school procedures, and our classroom instruction for students who may be self-isolating, quarantined, or ill. Once finalized, we will clarify those procedures for you and our staff. 

As we move forward, all safety mitigating strategies will be enforced, and we respectfully insist that parents keep children home when ill, and to please minimize student gathering outside of the school setting.

As we strive to provide our students with the best education possible given our circumstances, please continue to share your questions and concerns with the superintendent, your building administrators, or send an email to