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05.27.21 Superintendent Message to Parents about investigation into a racial activity at the High School.

This is Phil Herman, Superintendent of Hudson City Schools,


I am calling today with troubling information involving some of our High School students.


This afternoon, the District initiated an internal investigation at Hudson High School concerning a phone app video game, Clash Royale, that was being played by a group of High School Students.


The investigation stems from information about racial and homophobic hate statements that were being made by students in the comments of the game. 


The students participating in the group and who are players in the game are currently being identified and their parents notified. Additionally, the Hudson Police have been contacted regarding the investigation. The District will cooperate fully with law enforcement as it pertains to our internal investigation, as well as provide any assistance our Police Department may request.


While we cannot share the details of the ongoing investigation, the Hudson City School District is committed to keeping our parents informed as we learn more. Please know that each student will be held accountable for their individual behavior.


This is not the first instance of our School District needing to address racial hostility, and we are heartbroken; however, we stand firm in our conviction to fight against any and all acts of hate or hate language.  Such behavior will not be tolerated. On June 8, 2020, our Board of Education passed a resolution to recognize that racism is a crisis affecting our entire society; and the Board condemns racism and reiterates its rejection of racist and other hateful behavior or language. 


At the Hudson City Schools, the safety and wellness of the students we serve is our top priority and, again, we will not tolerate acts of hate. As a school community, we are committed to creating a safe environment where every student is a welcomed, loved, and valued member of our school community.