Registration Help!

How to Create Your New Account:



  • Select Create an account. Please note this is a new system, and even if you have registered with HCER before, you will have to create a NEW account.
    • Enter information for the primary account holder first (parent or guardian)
    • Age and/ or grade information is not required for adults


  • Add participants to your account by selecting the 'add member' link under the family member's section at bottom of page. Make sure to include yourself as the Primary Account Holder.  * Don't forget to save and submit your changes. 


  • On the registration tab screen, select an activity that you would like to enroll in- this may be an activity or Explorer Zone Child care - it will be added to your shopping cart. Once you select the activity/child care item, be sure to select the correct name of the registrant and select the waiver checkbox.


  • Check out items in your Shopping Cart


  • Call (330) 653-1210 from 8:30am-4: 30pm if you need assistance.