08/10/2020 - Hudson Announces Students will Return to School in Option 1: Hybrid

Hudson Ready Back to School Plan Update:

Dear Parents or Guardians,

At the Board of Education meeting on July 27th, we stated that Ohio COVID-19 Risk Levels will be used as a guide for education level transitions, however other factors may be considered when determining our learning models. With the new guidance we received from Summit County Public Health on August 10th, the Hudson City School District Board of Education recommended and passed a resolution to open the school year in the Option 1, Hybrid Model as described in the Hudson Ready Back to School Plan

The specific recommendations from our local health officials place the All-in option at the highest risk for disease transmission and spread. Therefore, Hudson City Schools will start the school year in the Option 1, Hybrid Model.

How long will we remain in the Hybrid Model?

The recommendation from Summit County Public Health states:

In order to recommend the safe return of all students, SCPH would need to see the majority of the following indicators change:

1) Sustained declining cases in Summit County for ideally 4-6 weeks;

2) A move to a yellow- risk status as defined by the Ohio Public Health Advisory System;

3) Increased testing capacity for youth;

4) A decrease in hospitalizations, which is a marker for community spread.

While we are still learning about these indicators and determining if we need to adjust the color levels in our plan, for planning purposes, parents should expect that we will remain in Hybrid through September. We will continue to monitor the data being provided by Summit County Public Health and will be prepared to transition to remote learning if the risk level moves to purple or upon the recommendations and guidance of public health authorities.  

Following our Hybrid plan allows for 6’ physical distancing, and will enable students and staff to adjust to new protocols and enable in-person learning while following all the ODH and CDC guidelines and CDC regarding symptom checks, hand washing, disinfecting, and face coverings for all students and staff. Please know that some level of risk will always be present when students and school district employees occupy school district facilities. 

We know that relationships are a bedrock to successful instruction and meaningful learning, and believe these early weeks in Hybrid will allow time for students to form relationships with teachers and classmates in-person. We need to prepare as families and schools that we may need to transition to all-remote learning, if necessary, but even a few weeks of in-person learning could have a profound impact on the educational experience of our students this year. 

Additionally, we know that there are significant mental health stressors for students in an all-remote environment. Again, while it would not be every day, a hybrid model enables students a break from the computer and the opportunity to engage with their peers and teachers in ways that are healthy for them. 

We recognize that with this information, families may choose to either enroll in the Virtual Learning Option or withdraw from the Virtual Learning Option.

  • Families who would like to register for the Virtual Learning Option should complete the Virtual Learning Program Registration Form. 

Virtual Learning Program Registration Form

  • Families who are registered in Option 2, 100% Virtual Learning, may want to change to Option 1. To make this change, please submit this form to let us know you are now selecting Option 1, starting school in the Hybrid Model:  

Virtual Learning Option Withdrawal Form

The deadline for both forms is Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 5 p.m.

As a reminder, while in the Hudson Ready Hybrid Model, 50% of our students attend school following an alternating day schedule and remote learn on the days not physically attending. 

Option 1: Hybrid Blue and White Student Calendar

Students with last names beginning A-LAZ (Blue) will attend school in person Monday/Wednesday, and alternating Fridays. Remote Learning will take place on Tuesday/Thursday, and alternating Fridays. Family members will attend school on the same schedule. 

Students with last names beginning LE-Z (White) will attend school in person Tuesday/Thursday, and alternating Fridays.  Remote learning will take place on Monday/Wednesday. Family members will attend school on the same schedule.

We are not able to accommodate requests to switch between White and Blue Groups.  

For information relating to the Hudson Ready Plans, FAQs, Calendars, Safety Protocols,Transportation, and links to resources for parents, visit our new Hudson Ready Back to School website.   You may submit questions to hudsonready@hudson.k12.oh.us.

There are many factors to consider, and with changing circumstances, our plans may change often this year. All of us will continue to focus on the student experience, the safety of our students, the safety of our employees, and the academic experience we exist to provide. At the same time, we will continue to reevaluate our district plan moving forward based on future guidance from the Governor’s Office, ODH, Summit County Public Health and/or other mitigating circumstances.

We know that some of you will celebrate this decision, while for others the hybrid model creates very real challenges. We will continue to work with our families to try to provide guidance and support through each education delivery model. Again, these are unprecedented times, and the need for us to come together has never been greater than in 2020-2021. We are ready and looking forward to welcoming your children back to school!