Where can I find information about COVID reporting, the All-in/Hybrid plan, and other procedures.

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11.11.20 - The District posts the COVID positive cases and number of quarantines on a regular basis on the website. We share the information as a District-wide total number and also by building. We cannot release names due to HIPAA and FERPA.
The COVID notification emails/or calls are sent or made to those who have been identified for contact tracing/quarantine. The District provides the contact list for consideration and the contact tracing is conducted by Summit County Public Health. In addition to  COVID reporting, the 10/19 current plan (and the original plan) are also posted on the website. This information has been emailed to parents with various links to information included. We are currently updating the Parent Playbook to reflect the current models. How we contact trace is in the Parent Playbook currently, and we are including any new information that has been updated since the original Playbook was released.
The Board and administration are using a variety of factors for decision making for model transitions. The factors are listed in the October 19, All-in/Hybrid plan.
The Summit County Public Health COVID website provides information about Summit County spread and information can be looked up by zip code.