Will you be using desk dividers or safe booths?

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Summit County Public Health and Akron Children's Hospital do not endorse the use of desk dividers as a first line barrier of defense against the spread of the COVID virus. The dividers do not contain droplets from spreading above or from the sides of the units. However, the Operations Committee field tested various dividers as an additional layer of defense in combination with a mask. The field test concluded that there significant drawbacks to using the dividers on every desk. The borders of the dividers obstructed the students' field of vision, and/or the materials were not clear and impaired the field of vision. In some circumstances, sound was also reduced. The Committee recommended that some tri-fold desk barriers be purchased for each building for use during activities that might take place away from tables or desks. In addition, larger plexiglass dividers will be place in classrooms where students or teachers must interact at a physical distance of less than 3 feet, such as for speech or phonics, where it is critical for students to see facial expressions.