What are the safety protocols going to be during lunch times?

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All students will be served lunch in a different way than before. 

Hudson Nutrition Services will be offering the same breakfast and lunch choices as in the past.  All entree', veggies, and fruit will be packaged behind the serving line and given to the children in either a lunch bag or tray depending on the lunch.  All items in the kitchens will be handed to the students by the food service staff.
There is no change to the Free & Reduced lunch program.  

K-2: Students will eat in the cafeteria at staggered times to ensure appropriate social distancing. 

3-12: Students will eat in the cafeteria at scheduled times. There will be more lunch periods and less students in each lunch period. Seats may be assigned after the first day. Touch pads will not be used by students. Students will give the cashier their ID number.  Snacks will be sold at East Woods Intermediate, Middle School and High School by the cashier. Snacks at the High School will be sold at two locations in the Commons to minimize lines.

Students will be instructed about how to keep appropriate physical distances in the serving lines by use of "way finding" indicators on the floor.

Each building is determining the seating in the commons areas to provide appropriate physical distancing. Knowing where students are seated in the commons while eating each day is important to Covid-19 tracing procedures. After students select a seat, the seat will be assigned to that student within the first few days of schools.

Allergies: Students will food allergies will have appropriate accommodations in the commons. We know that food allergies can be life threatening for some students. We will implement plans to ensure that classrooms remain food and/or other allergy-free.

Free & Reduced Lunch will proceed as normal. During a Hybrid model students on the Free & Reduced plan will be able to order lunch during the days at home using an online form. Pick-up days and times will be specified.

We have increased safety protocols for the preparation, packaging, and serving of food, along with strict guidelines for the sanitizing and cleaning of all surfaces.