What will lunch look like for students on site, remote, and VLO?

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Lunch will be in the cafeteria, students walk through the lunch line with masks and choose from 3 options for lunch.  Staff will serve the students their main entree', veggie (hot or cold) and fruit in a bag or boat, think jumbo fry boat.   All items are wrapped or cupped up with lids. Wrapping the food adds an extra layer of safety. Students will then give the cashier their ID number, or checked off on a roster in grades K-2, the cashier will hand them a milk and ring lunch.  All food, snacks, or beverages are behind the counter and are handed to the students.
For the remote days, or if your student is participating in VLO, you still have the option for lunch.  Parents will need to sign up for breakfast/lunch pick up the same as before, using sign-up genius or google form.  Pick up will be on Mondays from 4 pm to 7 pm at EWI (old Middle School) and will receive 2-5 breakfast/lunch.  This option is open to all families and breakfast/lunch will be charged accordingly.