What daily cleaning routines will take place in the buildings?

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We are using the Covid-19 cleaning protocols recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Summit County Public Health. There will be disinfectant supplies in every classroom for all high touch surfaces. Cleaning schedules are developed for frequent cleaning of high touch areas in classrooms and throughout the school buildings. The district has purchased 18 additional hydrostatic cleaning devices that will be used to spray areas overnight.

We are using Vital Oxide in the electrostatic sprayers and TB Quat to disinfect our surfaces.  Purell Surface spray is available in each classroom to clean during the day.  Invirox is also being used to clean surfaces and floors. Sanni-rinse is the product being used to clean lunch tables. 

We are going to start the HVAC systems earlier each morning and run them longer after school to purge the air. We are also going to adjust the outside air dampers to bring additional outside air into the building.